Crafting deep Tech companies

We're leveraging our proven history as both founders and advisors to launch a venture fund committed to helping craft the next generation of deep tech ideas into companies.

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What is deep tech?

We define deep tech companies of interest as those with a business model based on high tech innovation in engineering or science.

We're focused on broad market impact with truly differentiated and defensible technology.

Target deep tech companies will be:
Hard Won Technologies
Target companies have a proven advantage through true breakthroughs in technology, protectable by IP or trade secrets.
Tech-Founder Centered
Company leaders with tech backgrounds looking for help with other elements of company building, (i.e. team-building, productization, market fit, business model, etc.)
Photonics & Electronics
Clean Energy
Quantum Computing

Bringing order to chaos

Early-stage investing offers the largest opportunity but also carries the highest risk.
Smart Seed Funding
Most companies have limited access to smart seed capital. We over-deliver on value during critical growth periods where grants, angels, and F&F fall short.
Deep Tech Expertise
As successful deep tech investors and founders, we're bringing strategic guidance and access to our network to help drive young companies to value.

Our differentiated
approach for success

Our Experience
We're successful deep tech operators and investors, serial-entrepreneurs with 7X company exits across our team. This gives us a unique lens and differentiated approach.
Our Core Skills
We been in the trenches and bring our founder-perspective to every investment we make.

Some core competencies include:
  • Technology-market fit
  • Product definition
  • Team-building
  • Business model innovation
Our Network
Our deeply connected ecosystem is cultivating the next wave of promising innovators. With connections to venture mentoring and entrepreneurship program leadership at MIT and around the region, Tenon is positioned to succeed.

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