Experienced Craftsmen

Building Deep Tech Companies is a Craft

We believe building deep-tech companies entails creatively joining disparate disciplines, capabilities, and skills. When put together correctly, the elements form a strong foundation and valuable company. The process is much like crafting a mortise & tenon joint. This synthesis is where we excel.

We're focused on early-stage founders with defensible technology disrupting important markets.

  • We focus on Pre-Seed through Seed and Series A
  • We can lead or follow, but we prioritize achieving influence on a company's trajectory
  • We do 1-2 deals a quarter
  • We look for innovation which is result of people in the company with a defendable advantage
  • We’ve been in the trenches and walked down their path
  • We help define success then drive alignment and coach to that success
  • We look for hard-won technologies with broad market impact
  • We focus on the capital needs and planning to achieve risk mitigation milestones
  • We focus on opportunities with shorter time to market, market validation, and exit opportunities at various scales

We leverage our network and experience to build strong relationships.


Plug into the deep tech ecosystem

  • Gain access to pre-seed deep tech startups through our network
  • University research programs and innovation ecosystems

Select based on mutual impact

  • Real tech that can disrupt markets
  • Invest where we can make a difference

Grow via milestone-based funding

  • Get a seat at the table in company decisions
  • Structured disciplined investing
  • Few deals and strong relationships

We have a proven history of success identifying and capitalizing on emerging ideas in deep tech.

Combined & Aligned Expertise
With decades of experience in deep tech, we're bringing value far beyond just analysis and portfolio management. We're active smart investors.
Uniquely Connected In Deep Tech
We've established deep inroads in the educational ecosystem in Greater Boston. With deep connections in programs and venture mentorship at MIT, Northeastern, and others we're well positioned for early access to some of the most exciting opportunities.